Saturday, 14 October 2017

Year C Psalmody in Second Sunday Service

A full index for the Psalmody in the second service lectionary for Sundays, including Epiphany and the Presentation, is on this page, on which there is also an explanation of the use of square brackets etc. The following is a list of the psalms used in year C. Red colour indicates psalms or passages used only in year C. 

Psalm [1]
Proper 1AC
Psalm 2
Sunday before Lent B, Proper 1C
Psalm 5
Proper 1B, 2C
Psalm 6
Proper 2BC
Psalm 9* [9.1-8]
Advent 1AC
Psalm [11]
Advent 2A, Lent 3B, [Proper 3C]
Psalm 12
Advent 3A, Lent 3BC
Psalm 13
Proper 2A, Lent 4B, Proper 3C, Lent 3C,
Psalm 16
Easter 2C
Psalm 30
Lent 5A, Lent 4C
Psalm 33.1-12
Pentecost (Whit Sunday) C; Epiphany 3A [or whole psalm]
Psalm 34* [34.1-10]
Epiphany 4 ABC, Lent 5B
Psalm 35*
Proper 4B [35.1-10], Lent 5C [35.1-9]
Psalm 39
Proper [5A], 6B, 4C
Psalm 40
Lent 3A, 3 before Advent C
Psalm 44* [44.1-9]
Proper 5C
Psalm 46
Baptism of Christ ABC, Proper 7A, 3 before Advent B
Psalm 47
Baptism of Christ ABC, Easter 7A
Psalm [50]
Proper 7C
Psalm 50.1-15
Lent 1A
Psalm 50.1-6
Advent 3C; Lent 1A [50.1-15], Proper 8A [whole psalm*]
Psalm 52
Proper 6C, [8B]
Psalm [53]
Proper 8B, [6C]
Psalm 57
Proper [9A], 7C
Psalm [59.1-6,18-20]
Proper 8C
Psalm 60
Proper 10A, 8C
Psalm [62]
Advent 3C
Psalm 65
2 before Lent B, Proper 9C
Psalm 66.1-11 (alternative) 
Easter Day ABC; Proper 10B [whole psalm or vv. 1-8]
Psalm 68* [68.1-13,18-19]
Easter 7C; cf. Advent 3B [vv. 1-19 or vv. 1-8]
Psalm 69.1-20
Palm Sunday BC
Psalm [70]
Proper 11A, 9C
Psalm 72* [72.1-7]
Christ the King BC
Psalm 73.1-3,16-28
Trinity Sunday C; cf. Proper 11B [whole psalm or vv. 21-28]
Psalm 75
Proper 12A, Advent 2C
Psalm [76]
Proper 12A, Advent 2C
Psalm 77* [77.1-12]
Proper 10C
Psalm 81
Proper 11C; cf. Easter 4B [81.8-16]
Psalm 86
Proper 14A, Easter 3C
Psalm 88* [88.1-10]
Proper 12BC
Psalm 89.1-18* [89.5-12]
Sunday before Lent C
Psalm 93
Trinity Sunday A, Christ the King A, [2 before Advent C]
Psalm 96
Epiphany 2ABC, Easter 5B
Psalm 97
[Christ the King A], 2 before Advent C
Psalm 98
The Epiphany ABC, Easter 5C
Psalm 100
The Epiphany ABC, Proper 15B
Psalm 105 (alternative) 
Easter Day ABC
Psalm 107.1-32* [107.1-12]
Proper 13C
Psalm 108
Proper 18A, 14C
Psalm 113
Advent 4ABC
Psalm 114
Easter 4C
Psalm [116]
Proper 14C; Proper 16B [whole psalm or vv. 10-17]
Psalm 119.1-16
Proper 25C, Bible Sunday BC; Proper 17B [or vv. 9-16]
Psalm 119.17-32* [119.17-24]
Lent 1B; Proper 15C
Psalm 119.49-72* [119.49-56]
Proper 16C; cf. Proper 19A [vv. 41-48 or 41-64]; 19A [vv. 41-56 or 49-56]
Psalm 119.73-88*
Lent 1C; Proper 19B [or abbreviated to vv. 73-80]
Psalm 119.81-96* [119.81-88]
Proper 17C; cf. Proper 25A, Bible Sunday A [119.89-104]
Psalm [120]
Proper [21A,] 21B, [18C]
Psalm 121
Proper 21B, 18C
Psalm 122
The Presentation ABC
Psalm 123
[Proper 21A], Advent 4C
Psalm 124
Proper 21A, 19C
Psalm 125
Proper 22B, 19C
Psalm 126
[Advent 4A], Proper 22B, Easter 6C
Psalm 127
Proper 23B, Easter 6C
Psalm [128]
Proper 23B, 20C
Psalm 129
Proper 20C
Psalm [131]
Advent 4BC
Psalm 132
Christmas 1ABC, The Presentation ABC, Dedication Festival ABC
Psalm 134
Proper 21C
Psalm 135* [135.1-14]
Christmas 2ABC, Lent 2ABC, Proper 21C
Psalm 142
Proper 24A, Easter 3B, Proper 22C
Psalm 144
Proper 23C
Psalm [146]
Proper 24C
Psalm 147* [147.13-21]
2 before Lent C; cf. Easter 5A, Easter 7B [147.1-12]
Psalm 148
2 before Lent A, All Saints’ Sunday ABC
Psalm 149
Proper 24C
Psalm 150
Trinity Sunday A, All Saints’ Sunday ABC